CSR Policy

CSR Policy

CSR policy of Pruksa

Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited ( Thailand) .
The company that operates the leading real estate developer in Thailand.
Construction technology , it uses up disc manufacturing operations Precast.
A high standard

Our company is based on business policy and corporate social responsibility .
The principles of management, governance, transparency, accountability and ethical governance.
Respect the interests of all stakeholders of the business. Including taking into account
Collective impact on communities and the environment.

Company with a focus on compliance with legal requirements and respect.
Human rights As well as promote the development and improvement process.
Working to build a better environment .

Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited (Thailand) confirmed the delivery.
Service quality is excellent. To satisfy customers forever.

Mr. Thongma Vijitpongpun
Chairman of Executive Committee and Chief Executive Officer



E-mail cc@pruksa.com
Phone 0-2209-3900 Ext. 3403, 3409, 3413
Fax 0-2209-3904

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