Society & Environment

“Pruksa Caring: Green Living Healthy” at Plum Condo Park Rangsit

01 March 2016 4:51 PM


The Company organized a “Pruksa Caring: Green Living Healthy” project because we care for and are concerned with the quality of life of our customers and community. Free health check-up was provided at Plum Condo Park Rangsit in order to support healthy well-being, encourage customers to be healthy and are aware of the basic health tips to take care for one’s self. A large number of customers and people in the nearby community received the health service.

 “Pruksa Caring 2016: Green Living Healthy” is a part in the creative activities that generated value for customers and provided responsibility towards the society, community, and environment, in which the Company has been actively conducting continuously for 14 years.



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