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Pruksa unites the communities to prevent flooding

14 March 2014 2:57 PM


On August 15, 2012, Pruksa Real Estate PCL together with Finance Ministry, Thaipat Institute and Khlong Sam Tambon Administrative Organization organized a project entitled “Preserve the Waterways” at SamakkirajBamrung School, Tambon Khlongsam.  The project is aimed at rehabilitating and recovering the inundated areas as well as preventing flooding. The organizers had surveyed the communities with potential to develop this project and Khlong Sam Community has been selected because of the community’s readiness to carry out the campaign. The community leaders also have the vision to create a network to protect and preserve Khlong Sam Waterway. The community will become an exemplary model for the others to show that the active community participation can lead to the fruitful results.


The speakers from Khlong Sam Tambon Administrative Organization taught children and community members how to do bioextract and hand out the bioextract to the participants. Thaipat Institute also brought a team of experts to educate children and people in the community how to measure the water level and the direction of water flow.



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