Press Release

Pruksa announced to pay a dividend Baht 1.75 per share in Annual General Meeting of Shareholders

03 May 2016 4:39 PM

Dr. Pisit Leeahtam, Chairman and Mr. Thongma Vijitpongpun, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Vice Chairman, together with the Board of Directors attended Annual General Meeting of Shareholders 2016. For the overall operation for the year 2015, the Company had revenues of Baht 50,672 million which is the highest revenue in 23 years since the establishing of the Company. Moreover, the net profit of the Company is Baht 7,680 million which was grown 18.7% and 15.4% respectively from the previous year. From this excellent overall operation, the Board agreed to pay a dividend Baht 1.75 per share for the year 2015 to the shareholders which was increasing from the previous year which paid at the rate of Baht 1 per share. In addition, the Board agree to approve the establishment of a Holding company to support the new structure of the Company as well.



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