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Pruksa Real Estate Launches “Plum Condo Station Series”, 2 Sky Train-Adjacent Locations

01 July 2016 2:10 PM


Mr. Lersuk Chuladesa, CO-Chief Executive Officer, Pruksa Real Estate PCL, revealed that, “following the launch of 6-7 condominium projects, valuing 10,800-12,600 million Baht, in the second quarter this year the Company also launched ‘Plum Condo Chaengwattana Station Phase 1’, valuing 1,168 million Baht. The project has been well received by customers so far. And in order to meet the needs of prospect customers, the Company has been preparing for the launch of ‘Plum Condo Station Series’, featuring 2 new projects with close proximity to the MRT or sky train stations, valuing approximately 5,000 million Baht. They are ‘Plum Condo Ramkhamhaeng Station’, only 250 meters from Ramkhamhaeng Airport Rail Link Station, and ‘Plum Condo Pinklao Station, only 600 meters from the MRT Blue Line (Bangyeekhan Station)’. With the potential location of both projects, coupled with the connectivity with the existing and future train lines, and high demands for accommodations in Ramkhamhaeng and Pinklao areas in the price range of 1-3 million Baht, of which makes a large target group such as private company employees, university students, medical personnel as well as those who have to commute into the city by other means of public transportation, the Company is confident that the 2 projects will be the answers to those who are looking for accommodations in these areas.”

“Plum Condo Ramkhamahaeng Station” is only 250 meters from Ramkhamhaeng Airport Rail Link Station. The project has been designed under the concept “Connecting Lives, Fulfilling Lifestyles”. It is a 33-storey high building, with 1,003 units, comprising of 1-bedroom unit with the utility space of 22.5-26 square meters; 1-bedroom plus unit, with the utility space of 39 square meters; and combined unit, with the utility space of 46 square meters. The project is equipped with full facilities; deck lobby, recreational garden for relaxation, living lounge, as well as several facilities for outdoor lifestyles, such as a swimming pool, fitness room featuring the pool view, yoga room with the garden view, boxing room and ping pong room. The sky lounge is also available for use on the rooftop to pamper luxurious lifestyle even further. It is a space where you can enjoy the beauty of night lights or host a BBQ party. There is also a roof garden where you can enjoy beautiful sunset every evening. The price starts from 1.69 million Baht.

“Plum Condo Pinklao Station” is located on the most beautiful piece of land in Pinklao area. The transport is very convenient, only 600 meters from the MRT Blue Line, Bangyeekhan Station. It has been designed under the concept “Taking Life a Step Further”. It is a 22-storey high building, with 964 units for accommodations and 4 units for commercial purposes. The building comprises of 1-bedroom units, with the utility space of 24.5-26.5 square meters and combined units, with the utility space of 49.5 square meters. The project is equipped with full facilities; the garden, featuring a green space covering an area of 1.5 rais, recreational garden, artificial-grass badminton court, sky garden with the view of Rama 8 Bridge with the space for BBQ party, as well as jogging tracks. The lobby is 2-storey high, decorated with 3 zones, 3 styles. Also, there is a large living room, called ‘the club’, comprising of a library, multi-purpose room, working room, game room and pool table. In the pool and fitness area, there is a 30-meter long swimming pool with a pool for children and jacuzzi pool with panorama view, an elevated yoga space by the poolside. The price starts from 1.95 million Baht.

The 2 projects in the “Plum Condo Station Series” had been constructed using a fully-precasted system and the constructions had been monitored by an innovative and high quality construction system, also known as Pruksa Real Estate Manufacturing (Pruksa REM). The pre-made, ready-to-install toilets produced in Pruksa’s precast factory were also used. Thus, customers can be assured of the strong, safe and high quality accommodation. At the moment, both projects are open for viewing. Customers who register for “Plum Condo Ramkhamhaeng Station” are entitled to get a discount as high as 20,000 Baht, and a chance to win gold necklace every week at the sales office adjacent to Ramkhamhaeng 2 Alley within July 24, 2016. Pre-sales will start on July 30-31, 2016. Customers who make bookings on these 2 days will get special privileges as well as a change to win Mazda 2 and several other prizes with a total value of 1 million Baht. For “Plum Condo Pinklao Station”, pre-sales will start on the upcoming August 6-7, with the campaign “Share to Win Gold, Reserve to Save a Million”, and earn a chance to win a discount as high as 500,000 Baht and gold necklace, valuing over 1.5 million Baht and several other special privileges on these 2 days.  



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