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Pruksa Real Estate gears forward to capture the low-rise condo market

10 March 2014 10:50 PM

Mr. Wirasak Kaewnoo, Chief Business Officer, Special Business Unit, Pruksa Real Estate PCL, said, “At present, the demand for residence in Bangkok and its outskirts has steadily risen because these locations are the business and development center of the country. The construction of high-rise condo fails to keep up with the demand of the customers. The low-rise condo therefore has emerged to be an attractive option to serve the surging demand. The low-rise condo has enjoyed a steady growth.  Due to its small number of units, the construction can be finished on time to serve the customers’ needs. In addition, the customers these days prefer privacy and peaceful ambience because they want to get away from busy atmosphere of the city.  Pruksa has seen the opportunity to expand the market to reach out to this group of customers and therefore developed the low-rise condo under the brand “The Privacy” to target the customers who prefer to stay in the community areas or in vibrant alleys with urban vibe.


The loft highlights Homey Design Concept, Green Living Area and Full Facilities.


“The Privacy” brand entered the market for the first time in 2013 by launching three projects namely “The Privacy Ngamwongwan”, “The Privacy Raewadee” and “The Privacy Tiwanond”. In 2014, the first lot of the projects to be launched will consist of “The Privacy Ratchada-Suthisarn” which is close to Suthisarn MRT Station and “The Privacy Pracha Uthit-Suksawat” which is close to the entry-exit point of Industrial Ring Road and King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi, Bangmod Campus. The two projects aim at the customers who are studying or working in this neighborhood but have not owned a residence and have to lease and pay for the monthly rent. “The Privacy” brand stands out by its selling point which persuades the customers to realize the value of their rental expenditure and turn the rental expense into a long-term investment in a condo so that they will own an asset in the future.”


“The Privacy Ratchada-Suthisarn” is a low-rise condo comprising eight stories. The property is divided into three sub projects located on Suthisarn-Vinitchai Road which is accessible via two main routes namely Ratchadapisek Road and Ladprao Road. It is close to Suthisarn MRT Station.  Conveniently connected to the city center, the project highlights privacy and comfort to lend the homey feel with the outstanding interior based on Urban Living Design concept to respond to all types of metropolitan lifestyle. The project pays attention to every detail namely functionality and usable purpose. The property comes in four types including one-bedroom loft with the usable space of 28 square meters, 33 square meters and 42 square meters and two-bedroom condo with 50 square-meter usable space.   


The distinctive element of “The Privacy Ratchada-Suthisarn” is the perfect ensemble of modern-styled loft and exclusive private terrace. The project features better efficient security system including Digital Door Lock, VDO Door Phone, CCTV in every floor, Access Card and security guards 24 hours.  Surrounded by greenery shade from big trees, the property offers tremendous amenities namely swimming pool, indoor fitness, sauna, semi-outdoor lounge, private lobby and shuttle bus. 


“The Privacy Pracha Uthit-Suksawat” is based on the concept to provide a secluded sanctuary to enable the resident to escape the busy atmosphere in the city…come back home to feel the privacy in low-rise condo. The property is situated in the prime location close to Industrial Ring Road, King Mongkut’s University of Technology Thonburi and prospective Purple Line mass transit route. The project is nestled in the community center with public utilities such as Tesco Lotus Pracha Uthit and Central Plaza Rama II. The design highlights maximum functionality based on homey design concept to make the residents feel at home. The loft offers full facilities including club house, fitness, swimming pool and public park. Thanks to smaller units, the condo offers peaceful and secluded ambience to enable the residents to relax at all times. The project comes in various sizes, including one-bed loft, 28 square meters, 30 square meters and 33 square meters and two-bed unit in 50 square meters. In addition, the property is guarded by security system with Digital Door Lock, CCTV in every floor, Access card and security guards on call around the clock.


For more information about “The Privacy Ratchada-Suthisarn” and “The Privacy Pracha Uthit-Suksawat”, the two quality condominium projects from Pruksa Real Estate, please dial 1739 or click



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