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Pruksa Real Estate reaffirms the leadership in innovation by developing the smart home inspection

10 July 2014 4:11 PM


With its determination to be No. 1 brand in the mind of the customers, Pruksa has recently developed “I-Inspection II”, the home-inspection program on the tablet to streamline the process to hand-over the house, making it faster with higher efficiency. During the trial period, the customers have responded positively. Pruksa has planned to introduce the program to every project soon. Mr. Piya Prayong, Chief Business Officer, Townhouse Business Unit, Pruksa Real Estate PCL, said, “In accordance with the company’s vision to become No. 1 brand in the mind of the customers, the company has the policy to promote a variety of innovations as part of its corporate value on creative innovation to streamline the working process to achieve the customer satisfaction.

Lately, the company has developed I-Inspection II program to inspect the home quality to boost the efficiency in handing over residential units to the customers. The program accurately records the revised details, easier to be examined, on the tablet. It speeds up the process to hand over the residential projects. The program trial kicked off in February for “Pruksa Ville Project” and received satisfactory results. The company thus plans to use the program for other brands and aftersales services soon to optimize the service quality.”

“I-Inspection II is developed by Pruksa’s staff members. A product of “SGA Award” contest, the program begins from setting an appointment with a customer to inspect the home quality. When the customer suggests the area to be revised, the home inspector can record the list in the program by selecting the type of work, identifying the area for floor plan revision, photographing the targeted area and instantly attaching the recorded file on the tablet. In the past, the list was recorded in the paper form.

During the next round of home inspection for hand-over purpose, the customers can pull up the photos before and after the revision for comparison. Not only the customers will receive the convenience in examining the revision list, the staff will also be able to make the revision accurately with more efficiency. It speeds up the process to examine house quality before the transfer of ownership. After the trial period, it is found that the customers have gained higher satisfaction because the program can accurately record the list and the fix is executed correctly, promptly responding to the customers’ demand.”

“This innovation development is in line with the company’s policy to deliver quality products and services to ensure the customer satisfaction. The company has incorporated innovation in every step of the work covering the entire supply chain,” Mr. Piya added.



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