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The Privacy Tiwanond Condoto highlight privacy

31 October 2013 10:50 PM

The Privacy Tiwanond, the condo under the design concept to enhance the homey vibe to fulfill the residents’ lifestyle with “Green Concept Design” innovation, highlights the natural and enchanting environment. The design incorporates the direction of wind flow and natural light to save energy consumption. The transparent feel is enhanced by its high ceiling of 2.65 meters to increase the air flow and create the laid-back feel. The project comes in 3 designs: 1-bedroom loft in28 square meters and 33 square meters respectively and 2-bedroom loft on50-square meters.  The designers pay attention to every detail of the condo, consisting of bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms. The comfort-designed condo opens up onto the outside natural light to increase the ventilation of air flow and reduce the humidity.


The solitude feel in The Privacy Project is enriched bythe limited number of units with only 13 units available on each floor to make the home living an everyday retreat. The project comes with full amenities and facilities including Approach Garden, a small botanical garden to welcome guests, comfortable laid-back Living Pavilion, a fitness by the poolside and a swimming pool surrounded by shades and trees and leisure corners with the lazy benches.


The Privacy Tiwanondis a 7-storey building. It is one of the quality condominium projects from Pruksa Real Estate. Located on Soi Tiwanond 50, the project is only 80 meters away from the main road. The project is easily accessible, within the proximity of Ngamwongwan Expressway and Pink Line Mass Transit Route, Samakki and Sanambin Nam Station. The project is set to be completed by the year 2017. Situated on the potential location, the project comes with affordable price, starting at Bt1.35 million. Fully-furnished with digital door lock in every unit, The Privacy Tiwamond opens the pre-sales on 16 November. The customers who make the first 30 reservations are entitled to iPhone 5S. Register to make the reservation today at For more information, please contact tel 1739 or /



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