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Pruksa Real Estate Launches “Villette Lite Rattanathibet”, a Townhome

27 January 2015 9:31 AM

Mr. Piya Prayong, Managing Director – Townhouse, Pruksa Real Estate Plc, revealed that, “in the previous year, townhouse’s sales volume was 18,630 million Baht, accounting for 48% of the total annual sales of 39,090 million Baht. This is considered the highest sales volume of the townhouse business, with an 8% growth from the previous year. Pruksa Real Estate’s market share of the townhouse business in Bangkok and vicinity is somewhere around 33%. This year, the Company aims to continuously expand the townhouse business, penetrating many different target groups, with different levels of needs both in Bangkok and upcountry. On February 7-8, there will be a presales event at the new Villette Lite Rattanathibet. The project value is 1,117 million Baht. The target customer segment is younger generations who seek urban lifestyles and are looking to buy houses near to commercial district, expressways and train lines.”

“Introducing simplicity, Villette Lite Rattanathibet project is a townhome that will genuinely fulfill your happiness. The project is situated on a 34-rai piece of land, with 390 units and transportation is highly convenient. It is also adjacent to the main road and close to the purple line Mass Rapid Transit train, Bang Plu station. The site can be accessed from many routes; Ratchaphruek Road, Kanchanapisek Road, and Rattanathibet Road. The Villette Lite Rattanathibet project features a 2-storey townhome, designed under the concept of Modern Living Space. The utility space has been designed on an insight out criteria, with a consideration of ultimate functionality and utility. The exterior of the building has been designed to mingle with the environment, creating the feeling of warmth for dwellers, through the use of lines, also known as an organic form, to bring out tenderness of the nature. The colors used also help create a relaxing atmosphere. Furthermore, the plan allows each of the houses to appreciate the beauty of nature. There are 2 types of house available; Summer/A, with the utility space of 110 square meters and Spring/A, with the utility space of 125 square meters. Both designs have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 parking spaces. The project is fully equipped with the jogging track, a park at the center of the project in order to fit with different lifestyles, as well as the 24-hour security system to ensure peace, safety and privacy.”

Villette Lite Rattanathibet will hold a presales day on February 7-8, with the starting price of 1.98 million Baht. Customers who reserve the units on the website will be rewarded special privileges and a cash discount of 10,000 Baht. Customers who reserve the 5 special units will also receive a 32-inch LCD TV. For more information, please call 1739 or visit



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