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Pruksa Real Estate Develops Innovative Home for the Future, Driving Ultimate Customer Satisfaction

04 February 2015 11:36 AM

February 1, 2015 – Pruksa Real Estate is firmly determined on value creation for customers to meet their true needs by improving the quality of products and services through the development of the 4 types of innovative home.

Mr. Lersuk Chuladesa, Vice Chairman of Executive Committee and Director, Pruksa Real Estate Plc, mentioned that, “in 2015, Pruksa Real Estate still focuses on the brand building strategy with the goal of being the number one real estate brand in our customers’ minds through the notion of “Value Creation”. In this regard, Pruksa Innovation Center has conducted studies on purchasing behaviors of prospect customers and has developed the design accordingly to match with the 4 aspects of needs (4 Consumer Mega Trends), namely 1) Safety Home; with the utilization of ready-made reinforced steel produced from Pruksa Precast factory using one of the most advanced technological breakthroughs in construction. This method allows the house to endure the intensity of the earthquake of as high as 7 Richter scale. The Pruksa REM has also been utilized to improve the quality of construction procedures, shorten the duration of construction and reduce the use of labor force. 2) Healthy Home; with the utilization of prefabricated toilets in townhouse, single-detached house and condominium projects. The key specifications of these toilets are that they are easy to clean, fungi-resistant, and the functional design that are elders-friendly. 3) Green Home; with the utilization of ready-made ceilings and ready-made reinforced steel walls that serve as heat insulating materials from the outside temperature, which help save electrical expenses. Moreover, window and door frames made from synthesized materials, which are very durable and in replacement of wood, have been used. A research on sustainable house has been conducted in collaboration with experts from leading energy-saving home design institutes that have been certified of their standards from Germany, such as the solar rooftop, rainwater reserve system for watering plants, the new air conditioning system that can moderate hot air currents that ventilate in the house to become cooler. This research project will also include the development of a mock-up home for actual trials and demonstration in due course. 4) Smart Home; with the utilization of the BIM system (Building Information Modeling), a 3-dimensional design using the central database which will help reduce repetitive working steps and better control quality. Recently, the Company has been planning to develop the home automation system which can control the switching on and off of the electrical switches through special devices. This system can greatly facilitate dwellers in every segment and right now the system has been utilized in some high-end condominiums.”

“This year the Company has set the sales target and revenue target of 47,000 million Baht, and has successfully made a 20.2% and 11.9% growth respectively. There are 70-75 new projects due to be launched, totalling 55,000-61,000 million Baht. Therefore, in order to achieve the target, the Company has developed the design of houses to meet the needs of customers in every best way possible, through the creation of 4 aspects of innovative house; i.e. construction design, quality of materials used, service mind and continuous improvement of internal working processes in order to satisfy the needs of all customers.”



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