Precast Technology

Precast Technology

Pruksa Precast is a new technology that company used to develop the construction by cast the reinforced concrete such as floor, wall, pillar and fence then assemble all of components at site.

Pruksa Precast Concrete Production is fall into 10 main steps as follow;

1. Cleaning & Oiling Station

At this station, preparation of pallet is occurred. Pallet is a table for produce precast. The casting table moves on the path of Roller Block to the machine to be cleaned and sprayed.

2. Embedding Station

Places appliance and embedding equipment at the specify position, for instance, door frame and window frame.

3.Shuttering Station

Shuttering according to the pattern to block the specify position.

4.Reinforcement Station

Install steel on the pallet. Inspect the installation whether it is correct then continue to placing concrete station.

5.Concrete Placing Station

Mixed concrete in concrete container is poured into a concrete spreader to be placed on pallet as a model of precast.

6.Screeding Station

Pallet moves pass through the screeding machine to be controlled thickness of precast.

7.Helicopter Station

Laying-on the pallet via a machine called helicopter.

8.Curing Station

Pallet will be kept in curing room to hasten the precast to be ready for work.

9.Shuttering Removing Station

Shuttering will be removed from the pattern.

10.Tilting Station

Pallet will be moved from horizontal to vertical at 85 degree for precast removing and pack into the rack for delivery.

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